moxuan Pregnant Women's Pillow, 55-inch Blue-Pink U-Shaped Pillow, Full-Bodied Velvet

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  • 💓Ergonomic type💓 The pillow and the abdomen naturally form a gold 45 degree to help the pregnant woman sleep comfortably. The comfortable sleep pillow area is a scientific sleep height, and the soft abdominal support area is more comfortable and does not oppress the stomach.
  • 💓Helping to sleep comfortably💓 Pregnant women need to cultivate the correct posture, help to correct the fetal position, adapt to the abdomen as soon as possible. In early pregnancy, develop a good sleeping position as early as possible, supine in the second trimester, and the abdomen gradually become bigger, if take a sleeping position on the side, the pillow can lift abdomen.Back pain in the third trimester, the pillow can reduce the pressure under the waist or under the legs
  • 💓Two colors of good fabric💓Formaldehyde-free, no aromatic amine, not easy to fade, no chemical residue. Pink and blue, according to personal preference
  • 💓Product Information💓The jacket fabric is pure cotton, the pull-wire design is easier to disassemble, the size is 55x28 inches, the filling weight is 1500g, and the girl model weight/height is 60 KG /5.6 ft(more than height and weight, it is recommended to buy 2 together to avoid Too soft)
  • 💓Not recommended for return💓 The product is vacuum packed and when you purchase the product, leave it for a while to make the product fluffy. For the hygiene of the products, we use the vacuum packaging for one-time use and cannot use it twice. Therefore, it is recommended to read the product information in detail. If you have any questions, please leave a message in Q&A and we will reply within 24 hours.