Mileage Ace Pro - Trusted GPS Mileage Tracker with Cellular Uploading - Automatic Electronic Mileage Log + Real Time Vehicle Tracker

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  • 100% Accurate Audit Compliant Mileage Logs are created automatically to give you total peace of mind. Just install it, and forget about it.
  • Dedicated cellular connection means absolutley no setup, or tech skills are needed. Your mileage log is always up to date and there's no risk of memory loss.
  • 100% Online Tamper-Proof mileage logs the IRS trusts, all backed up for years to protect your deduction from an audit. Includes GPS tracking paths for every trip.
  • Service payments as low as $12.99/mo for tracking, plus $0.19/day for cell data. Compare to $24.99/month or more with other real time trackers.
  • Made in the USA with 100% US-based customer support. Support US manufacturing and good paying jobs for American families!