Mcusta Zanmai Whetstone 2 Side Grit 1000/4000 Sharpening Stone Knife Sharpener for Sharpening and Polishing Tool with Non Slip Base

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  • For those knives: 1000/4000 grindstone is suitable for most grinding operations, such as kitchen knives, kitchen shears, pocket knife, Shun chef knife, porting knives, straight razor, cutting class knife grinding, precision tool, garden tools and art appliance, but EXCEPT serrated blades and ceramic knife etc.
  • Material: White corundum whetstone with 2 different side,a coarse side (1000)and a finer side (4000).
  • Size: Red1000/White 4000,180x60x27mm,Coarse side 1000 grit leaves metal edge with frosted appearance; Fine side 4000 grit is ideal for finishing and polishing the edge.
  • Structure: Antiskid silica gel, beautiful and environmental, the most important is anti-skid, so you never have to worry about the whetstone slipping off the counter.
  • Tips: Soak stone for 5-10 minutes before use, and lubricate with additional water as needed when sharpening. No need for expensive sharpening/honing oils. Easily clean up with water.