Womtri Indoor & Outdoor Soil Moisture Meter - Simply Conserve | Ladybug Themed Moisture Meter for Plants w/Easy to Read Dial | Single Pack (MM071-L)

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  • PROMOTES PLANT GROWTH - The Ladybug Themed Moisture Meter helps any gardener test the moisture level of their plant soil. It works great indoors for potted plants as well as outdoors to promote healthier lawns, gardens, and shrubs.
  • WATER USAGE CONTROL - Our moisture meter helps eliminate the guesswork of watering difficult to judge plants. By eliminating improper watering you'll be able to cut back on wasted water use.
  • ROOT LEVEL READINGS - This product accurately measures the soil at the root level. Simply insert the probe into the soil at the root and read the measurement. It will instantly identify if too much or too little watering has occurred.
  • NO BATTERIES REQUIRED - Our moisture meter arrives ready to use straight out of the box. It displays the soil moisture on an easy to read scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being under-watered and 10 being over watered. No batteries or assembly required.
  • DECORATIVE DESIGN - Spruce up your garden tools with this fun and functional ladybug-themed moisture meter. Also available in a frog-themed design (MM071-F).