kathson No Drip Small Animal Water Bottle,16 OZ Pet Drink Bottle,Chick Nipple Water,Best Pet Hanging Dispenser Water Bottle for Small Pet/Chick/Bunny/Ferret/Hamster/Guinea Pig/Puppy/Rabbit

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  • Specially designed with No Drip nozzle and easy to adjust the height of bottle,convenient for your pet to drink water.
  • Nipple drinker sits or hangs above the litter so your chicks' water clean and fresh, Many ways to water.
  • Package includes1metal brackets to hang these drinkers outside or inside almost any cage.
  • A bottle doesn’t leak,easily for cleaning.You don't have to take the bottle off the cage to refill,you can adding water from the top lid and it does not leak at the spigot.
  • The drinking bottle is perfect for your pet use, suitable for dog, cat, rabbit, hamsters, etc.