Electric Baby Nasal Aspirator – Battery Operated Nose Cleaner and Snot Sucker – Adjustable Settings and Reusable Tips with LCD Screen by Watolt

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  • CLEAN YOUR BABY’S NOSE EASILY. The nasal aspirator comes in baby-friendly designs that are easy to work with infants and toddlers. It’s the least hassle and damage-free baby nose technology available.
  • ADJUSTABLE OPERATION SETTINGS. It comes with 3 levels of suction power fit for different users and preferences.
  • REUSABLE TIPS. Take advantage of the 2 reusable tips that comes with the package. These can be rewashed and used multiple times to save the environment.
  • LCD SCREEN DISPLAY. The nasal aspirator comes with an LCD display screen and music to comfort babies who may experience anxiety with electric objects.
  • PORTABLE. When the situation needs for a snot sucker, you can always provide the solution to the problem by bringing the device wherever and whenever. It can fit small purses and bags with its small dimensions.