Echoss Kid Boxing Gloves 4 Oz Children Cartoon Sparring Boxing Toddler Training Gloves PU Leather for Age 3 to 12 Years

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  • ✔【High quality leather】Echoss Kids Sports boxing gloves are made from Synthetic Leather to snug fit hands and can prove to be the best companion of the boxing bag. With a tri layered shock absorption and Synthetic Hide leather durability these gloves have no match.
  • ✔【Better protection】Thick foam padding for impact absorption and pressure distribution,protect fist and buffer punching force to avoid hurting yourself or partner.
  • ✔【Velcro closure design】Long wrist strap with good quality velcro closure, for a better grip around the wrist.It incorporates special properties which keeps the hands dry and safe. Ergonomically designed.
  • ✔【Happy training】Best for training, combat, fighting, punching and sparring sessions. The strategically placed perforations allow easy ventilation and wicks the moisture which helps in keeping the hands dry for long training and sparring sessions.
  • ✔【The children's best gift】It's an ideal gift for kids to catch their eyes at the first sight,Suitable for youth boys and girls,recommended for 3 to 13 year old.