Celebrita MMA 1 Pair - MMA Hand Wraps 180 Inch - Kick Boxing, Muay Thai & BJJ Hand Wrist Support for Men & Women

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  • Stretchable polyester material:These Celebrita MMA Hand wraps 180 inch are reliable and stretchable polyester kick boxing hand wraps.
  • Velcro closure waistband and thumbloop: These wraps have an innovative design as they come with a thumb loop and velcro closure: This enables these wraps to have a tight grip.
  • Breathable for skin: These kick boxing hand wraps are not too tight. The material of these bandages feels breathable for the skin.
  • Polyester composition of these hand wraps provides ideal support to wrist and wrap ness around hands.
  • Perfect for Martial Arts: If you are learning martial arts then these wraps can be worn for martial club. Moreover, these hand wraps are great for gym training, MMA,and boxing.