50 PCS || White flying Chinese Paper Lanterns Sky Fire Fly Candle Lamp for Wish Wedding || White color || Make a wish and release into the sky || by ★★★ Royal ♛ Shop ★★★

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  • ⭐ USEFUL -❗❗❗ Set of 50 pieces of white❗❗❗ Give your wedding, birthday party, festival or any other event a memorable celebration. Stylish and elegantly designed, they are suitable for many events and can be decorated or drawn on. Light your lantern, make a wish and watch it go up into the evening sky. They are great for decorating any event. Lanterns create a wonderful effect of twinkling lights in the sky.
  • ⭐ IMPRESSIVE - Do You Want To Experience A Wonderful Day? Do You Want Your Dream Or Your Love In The Sky? You Can Also Bless Your Friends And Family To Live A Fortunate And Peaceful Life With The Chinese Light Written Words Of Your Wishes On. Believing That As The Light Rises, It Will Take Away Your Troubles And Bring Good Luck In The Future, Which Fills The Sky With Numbers Of Lights. It Looks Very Beautiful!
  • ⭐ EASY TO USE - The ease of use allows anyone, not even an experienced person to launch a Chinese lantern in the sky.Simply attach the fuel cell in the center of the hole, straighten the dome of the lantern and hold the top of the fuel cell ignition. Wait until the hot air fills the dome of the lantern and gently release it into the sky.
  • ⭐ ❗❗❗ RESTRICTIONS -This Item Is Illegal In Some States Of US,Please Make Sure It Is Legal In Your State Before Buying It.Choose wide open spaces and don't release lamps in windy conditions.Fire-forbidden zones,high building areas or sky-barrier places are forbidden.Use ONLY the provided fuel cell to light the lantern,other lighting methods are not recommended.Release lanterns once they are lit.Do not hang on to a lighted lantern.Don't hang anything on to the lamp.Children with adult supervision
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