2 Bullet On The Go Mugs for Magic Bullet with Flip Top Travel Lids

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  • ON THE GO MUGS FOR MAGIC BULLET WITH FLIP TOP LIDS: Magic Bullet brings you two coffee mugs, Comes with flip top lids that will keep the coffee from spilling while traveling, A side handle help you have a strong grip on the mugs while walking
  • BOTH COFFEE MUGS COMES IN 16 OZ EACH: With 16 oz of capacity in both of these, so you can have lots of coffee while on your way to work, lids will help keep it worm and ready, for the cold drinks it will keep them chilled, One mug is 16 oz at max line or 20 oz when filled
  • USE FOR COFFEE, TEA, SMOOTHIE: Magic Bullet will keep you coffee and tea hot and if you are using it for the smoothie, you smoothie will stay fresh and safe thanks to these coffee cups with lids. Also, you can use it for the water too
  • YOUR COMPANION FOR WALKING & HIKING: When you go on a walk or for the hiking, take these coffee cups with lids 16 oz with you, So that you can have your coffee while walking or you can drink water while hiking, You can use it for anything liquid
  • TWO COFFEE TRAVEL MUGS: If you take long commute to work or if you are planning to travel somewhere these cups will be the perfect company you can ask for, these will come handy when ever you will carve for the tea or coffee)